The Pen and The Guitar

I must be writing for quite some time now as the view from the window has changed from light to dark.Photos of my beautiful kids were clearly visible in the morning and now I have to strain my eyes to catch their smile.Laptop battery had died and was plugged to recovery long time back.The guitar which was being played with great fervour in the morning has now adjusted to the pace of dusk.Oh my god was I indeed writing from dawn to dusk.I do not even remember taking a washroom break.At this age, it's not advisable to hold the bladder for so long.I decided to save the work and switched off from the work area.It was a long walk from my work area to the kitchen.Oh, the perils of old age and when you grow old in the same house, you are always remembering, that years ago with one quick step you could reach anywhere and access any part of the house.Now getting up is a challenge.But thanks to the healthy lifestyle which I maintained, I have a lean mean figure.Should I add the old fragile adjective as well!

The Guitar Guy is lazing in the garden with his formidable cigarette.With no kids around, he can safely smoke in the garden now.I had stopped nudging him now to leave this thing.He used to tease me that during dating times I used to go ga-ga over the smell of smoke and how I started hating it when we got committed in the relationship.The double standards of women were his complaint line.

The maid had come and cooked the food.I am used to making my cuppa on my own and hence she was not allowed to make tea.Holding a cup was a challenge and so I had switched to light weight plastic cups.It took me thirty minutes to get the tea done.And of course my body could not take the long standing hours, I had kept a chair for myself in the kitchen where I used to take occasional breaks.

We were sipping the tea in silence and yes this silence was not irritating and nor intriguing.No more temptations to ask,"What are you thinking"

"What took you so long? You were so engrossed that I did not want to bother you."

"Oh yes.Today, I finished my 25th book.Can you imagine? Once upon a time, there were days when I used to only dream of writing a book and see now the magic refuses to die.I think I will die writing."

He smiled.

"Let's go inside.It's getting cold outside.I am feeling hungry too."

Dinner was done and then I received the call from the kids.Should I call them kids now? They are young adults well past their 20's.I avoid calling them so as not to be an intruder in their busy life.And I am fortunate enough to receive their calls on almost daily basis.Today was a special day.My daughter was checking our weekend plans and wanted to confirm if we are in town.Yes, we were very much at home.Guitar Guy does take me on the long drive now and then.And the long drive usually turns into a road trip.Sometimes I wonder these sudden travels and the excitement to check new places is keeping me going.I become a young girl when I am off on the roads.

When I hung up on the phone, I slowly curled beside the guitar guy, " I think the kids are coming home this weekend"

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