The Girl with the soda water glasses

Jeki opened the box which her mother had asked her to open it only after her death.She was opening the box with trembling fingers.She was so used to have her around.The bitter reality that she will never be able to touch her now was terrific for her.With tears in her eyes , she opened the mysterious box.The back side of the box had a photo of her along with her mother on the beach.Her mother was carrying in her arms and battling the waves.She carefully checked the things and saw one big spectacle , a newspaper , a diary and a letter.The big oval glasses were her mother's.It was big for her small face but she looked kind of cute in it.She opened the newspaper and saw one article being outlined.The title was " Most Inspiring and Empowered Women " and there were many stamp sized photos in it.She saw her mother and her picture was circled.Probably she might have done that.She then opened the letter and thought of opening the diary later.She was eager to lay her hands on any instant emotional satisfaction which could bring her closer to her mother.She wanted to run far away from the void which her death had created.She opened the carefully folded paper and saw the petite handwriting.

A bedtime story for you Jeki :

There was a girl who used to wear big soda water glasses.Everybody used to make fun of her.She was an average student and hoped to make money.Her father left them debts as the legacy.When people used to ask her ; what would she be when she grows up.She used to answer that she will travel the world and become famous.She wanted to see her name in the newspaper.She completed her education as she knew everything deserts you but not your skills.She worked hard to sharpen the axe.Slowly and steadily , like an ant , she built her way and made a castle.She travelled half of the world and realised that reading and writing is what gives her immense satisfaction.It was a lone writer's journey but her daughter kept her company.She wanted to leave a name for her daughter which she will be proud of and not the weight of failure and debt.She wanted to prove to herself that by doing what you love , you can earn money and fame both.She wanted to see the shine in her daughter's eyes when she will remember her and not shun the memories the way she did for her father.And when she died , people remembered her for the unrelenting spirit which she had to accomplish any daunting task.She was remembered as the most inspiring empowered working mother.

My darling daughter you were the best thing which happened to me but the other best thing was that I had the skill and sense to make a living for ourselves.

( This story was submitted for one of the contest.It did not make it to the final stage but that's fine.It is now the first story of 2017 collection )

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