Knotty Mind

And yet another story which was so so predictable.No offence to any writer.They write what they feel like writing and some may even write what readers would want to read.I do not have any business in commenting on their choice of the penned story.Many are swooning over how great the novel is and some are even predicting a sequel or maybe it becomes a bestseller.

Huh, but sadly Svetlana did not share the same thoughts.

She was an avid reader and always challenged her reading habits by picking up different kind of fiction books.She never went only with the known authors but always experimented with newbies.After a while, she felt cheated.Why there is a heavy dose of sex, violence, incidents of child molestation, poverty, kidnapping, rape, breach of trust.We have news to read all about this.Right? After all, we read about all this every day.Our newspaper provides a crisp description of the stories revolving around all these subjects.She was flipping the books and felt a sudden urge of pushing them away.Her mind was not awakened and after finishing these books, she did not feel thrilled.Was something wrong with her? Why there is so much of sadness revolving around the words? Her life had enough incidents and she does not want her book world to remind her of that every now and then.This needs to end.She needs to be really choosy in picking up the books now.She missed the thrill when she used to finish her literature books.Probably she is still in that hang.But a good story need not come from seasoned authors.Even the regular ones can churn out good ones.She did come across one book which left her just enthralled.It was so different and came as a fresh wave of wind.She felt energized after reading that set of short stories.No tequila shots could replace the kick which she got after reading that set.But alas, you do not get such kind of work every now and then.It happens once in a blue moon.

She was still lying on the couch thinking about all the stories which she had read. Isn't all the stories a reflection of what we experience and what is real? It is related to our day to day life in some or the other way.So yes all the relationship problems, tough situations, choices to make, this or that, unholy acts committed by people are real.This thought scared her.What if her love affair hits rock bottom and her partner walks away? Will her children grow up in a safe and healthy environment? And million of other thoughts were diving in her head.It caused a headache and she held her head with both her hands.She closed her eyes tight and shook her head vigorously trying to get rid of this ugly world.She got up immediately and went to wash her face.Cool splash water did help her.She knew that hot steaming strong tea will wash away everything.She prepared a nice sumptuous cup for herself and went to the balcony.

The sun was setting and she could hear the birds going back to their nests.She took a deep breath and enjoyed the first sip.Yes, it was a sane idea to have tea.By the time, she finished the tea, her mind was also emptied with all the nonsense which had possessed her a while ago.

She knew what will uplift her.A new woven thread of words which will relieve everybody from the unmindful knots.

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